Electrical Safety Qualification 1

By successfully completing the electrical safety examination, the electrical expert demonstrates a knowledge of the legal provisions, regulations and guidelines related to the safety of electrical work. This examination requires expertise in the examination requirements and electrical engineering.

Training content

The examination is divided into two parts. Successful completion requires for the participant to attain approximately two-thirds of the maximum points for each examination.

Examination sittings

The examination takes three hours. You can be awarded an extra hour for completing the examination, if your native language is other than Finnish or Swedish or if you have verified dyslexia. If you satisfy these requirements, please request this extra hour when registering for the examination.

Each examination participant must provide proof of identity upon arrival to the examination sitting (passport, official personal ID or driver’s licence with photograph).

Students will receive a 50% discount off the examination fee upon providing an official and valid student card upon arrival to the examination sitting.

Material to bring to the examination

You can bring and use the following at the examination sitting:

  • Publications that are included in the examination requirements
  • Literature or other materials pertaining to the sector. However, calculated examples or series of exercises from other examinations are not permitted.

Legal provisions, regulations and guidelines related to electrical safety included in Electrical Safety Qualification 1:

  • Acts and decrees
  • Electricity Safety Act (1135/2016)
  • Government Decree on Electrical Installations (1434/2016)
  • Government Decree on Electrical Work and Operational Work of Electrical Installations (1435/2016)
  • Government Decree on the Electromagnetic Compatibility of Electrical Devices and Equipment (1436/2016)
  • Government Decree on the Safety of Electrical Equipment (1437/2016)

Acts and decrees can be found from the TUKES database of legislation.


  • SFS 6000 (2017) Low-Voltage Electrical Installations
  • SFS 6002 (3rd edition, 2015) Safety at Electrical Work
  • SFS Handbook 601 High-voltage electrical installations and overhead lines. Includes Standard SFS 6001 (2015) High-voltage electrical installations and basic requirements of overhead line standards

Other publications

  • Electrical Contractors’ Association of Finland STUL publication: D1-2017 Manual for the Electrical Installations of Buildings
  • Sähkötieto Ry publication: Guide for Fixing Electrical Equipment, ST Guidelines no. 6 (2017)



Electrical Safety Qualification 1

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