Installation supervision and commissioning into service

Supervision of electrical installations requires wide-ranging familiarity with regulations. Allow special experts to take care of supervision. Our special expertise in construction projects comprises the supervision of planning control, scheduling installations, cost management and electrical safety regulations. We always supervise that installations are done according to regulations.

We are available to provide assistance right from the outset, from needs analysis all the way through to certifying guarantee period obligations. Expert and purposeful supervision ensures a high-quality and cost-effective end result.

Supervision elements

We provide bespoke supervision through familiarisation with the special features and characteristics of the construction project. Supervision can be focused on the following elements:

  • General supervision and monitoring
  • Safety of electrical installations and the environment
  • Schedules
  • Quality of technical implementation
  • Economic efficiency
  • Documentation and design
  • Commissioning into service
  • Operational guidance
  • Reception
  • Rectification of guarantee period tasks and deficiencies

Supervision of electrical installations for properties

Our activities are based on renowned and high-quality procedures. Our activities are guided by the most up-to-date instructions issued by Building Information Ltd (Rakennustieto Oy). In construction projects, our activities adhere to the Task List for Project Management and Construction HJR12 (RT 10-11107) and the Task List for Supervision of Building Technologies (RT 16-11123) published by the Building Information Foundation RTS.

Supervision and commissioning of electrical installations for industry and power grids

Industry, power grids and related electrical installations demand special expertise, designers and installation staff. We provide supervisory services and support services for commissioning into service that we have developed through international experience and uncompromising professionalism. We specialise in supervising that high-voltage equipment adheres to requirements and has been correctly installed. Commissioning into service sees us participating in even the most demanding of measurements, testing and trial runs for substation and industrial power grid projects.