Clarification of electricity tariffs and purpose

The pricing criteria of electricity network companies vary depending on the electricity tariff chosen for the electricity connection, size of main fuses and type of connection. However, an old and well-functioning electrical connection does not always correspond to its purpose. This can mean that thousands of euros of excess costs are paid each year due to having the wrong tariff and main fuse solution.

Most common tariff products and suitability

The tariff products of electricity network companies vary, nevertheless the most common tariff products and pricing are rather uniform. The examples listed below are the tariff alternatives for the Rovakaira Ltd electricity network company.

General electricity

General electricity is suitable for household electricity and partly for the electrical heating of households. The consumption fee for general electricity is always the same, regardless of time of day or year.

Time-of-day electricity

During the night hours, i.e. from 10 p.m. through to 7 a.m., electrical energy consumption is cheaper. Time-of-day electricity is suitable for electrically heated households, if the energy required for providing electrical heating can be handled using the cheaper night-time tariffs and annual consumption of electricity exceeds 15,000 kWh.

Seasonal electricity

The kWh tariff for a weekday (Monday – Saturday) during the winter months (1 November – 31 March) is higher than other times. Seasonal electricity is suitable for households with an annual consumption exceeding 15,000 kWh that is mainly consumed during the summer months and it is possible to limit the use of electricity on winter weekdays.

Industrial electricity

Suitable for large properties, e.g. industry, with a four-period (summer/winter, night/day) tariff division, and in addition to basic rates and energy prices, an industrial power fee is charged.

Main fuse size for the connection

There are situations where the intended purpose of the property has changed or the property connection has otherwise been oversized. SSEP Finland Ltd can also check the correct dimensioning for the connection and compare it to actual consumption data. As a result of the comparison, the connection can potentially be downsized. This can even save hundreds of euros in monthly payments for the electrical connection.

Keeping reactive power rates down

In addition to the electricity tariff and main fuse size used, the property may have loads that either generate or consume reactive power. Over the past few years, electricity network companies have tightened their requirements concerning the use of reactive power and increasing numbers of property owners are unaware that they are paying for the reactive power they use. In addition, reactive power increases the load focused on the cables and electrical switchboards of the property. Despite users not being able to see reactive power, we at SSEP Finland Ltd can measure and analyse consumption of reactive power and provide consultation into how to avoid paying for reactive power in the future.

SSEP Finland Ltd, contact us if you think you are paying too much for electricity.