Construction management tasks

Construction commissioning and construction project management is never an easy entirety. In order to ensure project success, it is vital that the project is managed by a competent team of experts. Those handling construction commissioning tasks should not only manage the entirety, but also guide more detailed planning and implementation in line with the contracting organisation’s requirements.

Sub-sectors of construction tasks

Construction tasks form an entirety. A well implemented project can be divided into the following sub-sectors:

  • Needs analysis
  • Project planning
  • Completion of planning
  • Directing proposal and general planning
  • Construction permit tasks
  • Directing implementation plan
  • Completion of construction
  • Directing and supervising construction
  • Commissioning into service and commissioning supervision
  • Guarantee period and handling of guarantee period tasks

Project management

Construction schemes are very project-oriented. This is why it is important for the organisation handling construction commissioning tasks to use good and proven practices for project management and in communications with various stakeholders. The actions of SSEP Finland Oy are always founded on open and confidential interaction with all project stakeholders. We prefer doing things together rather than independently. The most important sub-sectors for project management and supervising the interests of the building contractor include management of:

  • Costs
  • Quality of implementation
  • Schedule
  • Risks
  • Agreements
  • Information

Special expertise in electrical systems involved in construction

We hold special expertise in electrical systems, implementation and the special features of systems in construction projects. We have been involved in a number of different construction tasks during various stages at numerous sites, from the electrical systems of premises and properties through to power plants and substations. If necessary, we can manage the entire project independently, but we are also experienced in working as part of a larger construction organisation team.

SSEP Finland Ltd, expert in constructing electrical systems.