Electrical designs

The range of services provided by SSEP Finland Ltd includes electrical, lighting, IT network, telecommunications and safety designs for new constructions and renovations. Our special expertise covers the design of systems related to demanding and expansive grids and the design of systems dedicated to electricity grid faults and reactive power compensation, also using high voltage.

All-encompassing service

Using our large network of partners and subcontractors, we provide comprehensive design and planning services for our customers using the one-stop-shop principle. We can also provide the contractor with assistance in compiling cost estimates, competitive bidding and subsequent selections.

Electrical systems

We design electrical energy distribution and operation systems and we always specify the following to the required extent related to systems:

  • Installation and auxiliary systems
    • Special expertise in electrical designs and equipment selections for premises with the risk of explosion
  • Electricity distribution and related loading
    • 0.4–20 kV electricity feed main distribution systems
    • Electrification of equipment and systems (e.g. HVAC production equipment, etc.)
    • General lighting, route lighting, outdoor lighting and façade lighting systems.
    • Electric heating and frost protection systems
  • Electrical distribution for production equipment and electrification
  • Electricity distribution and connected loading
  • UPS distribution system and connected loading
  • Safety lighting systems
  • Other necessary electrical systems, such as lightning and overvoltage protection systems

IT systems

We manage all conventional information technology systems:

  • Communication and data network systems
    • Antenna systems
    • Audio and public address systems
    • General cabling, telephone and LAN systems
  • Site-specific AV systems
  • Signalling and calling systems
  • Communication and display systems
  • Security systems for premises (e.g. electric locking, security camera and access control systems)
  • Fire safety systems (such as fire detecting and smoke extraction systems)
  • Automation and measurement systems (such as building automation and electrical energy measurement systems)


We use the most up-to-date data model function facilitating electrical design software, modelling tools and data secure cloud services for the management and storage of customer designs.

SSEP Finland Ltd, pioneer in electrical design.