Explosion protection document for ATEX spaces

An explosion protection document must be drawn up for any workplace that handles flammable liquids, gases or dust that can cause the risk of explosion or fire. Professionals should always be employed when assessing the risk of explosion. We compile explosion protection documents for new sites and old premises alike.

Typical premises susceptible to the risk of combustible dust explosions include timber workshops, crop drying facilities and foodstuff production premises. Typical premises susceptible to the risk of liquid or gas explosions are premises used for the storage and use of large quantities of chemicals. This obligation is based on the Government Decree on the Prevention of Danger for Workers Caused by Potentially Explosive Atmospheres (576/2003). Environments with explosive atmospheres are also generally handled using the ATEX Equipment Directive and ATEX workplace directive.

In order to achieve the best possible end result, we always incorporate the following work stages when drawing up the explosion protection document:

Assessment of the risk of explosion

Together with the property owner, we establish if the flammable liquids, flammable gases or combustible dust of the company can cause explosive atmospheres. In addition, we describe the scenarios where flammable liquids, flammable gases or combustible dust potentially combine to cause explosive atmospheres.

Drawing up the explosion protection document

We assess the possible extent of the impacts of an explosion based on risk assessment. We also determine the measures to employ for preventing and mitigating the formation of explosive atmospheres. If necessary, we also consult the property owner for implementing measures.

Classification of explosive environments

Explosive environments must be classified in order for the risk of explosion to be taken into consideration when making equipment selections and designing processes. We also participate in the marking of spaces on existing properties. We create inventories of electrical and mechanical equipment used in areas where premises have been classified and, if necessary, we assess how equipment conforms to requirements.

Reviewing explosion protection measures

We always go through in person with the client all the measures that are required for preventing the risk of explosion. If necessary, we make amendments to plans and assist the client in selecting contractors with good ATEX competence.

Implementation and supervision of explosion protection measures

The explosion protection document is merely a piece of paper, if risks are not truly removed. Occasionally, more frequent cleaning is sufficient for removing risks, regular thermal imaging of switchboards, or some other organisational measure. Whatever measure is determined, it must be implemented. If the risk of explosion can be truly eliminated, we also supervise the implementation of measures and we can also provide assistance for maintenance and operation staff into safe practices.


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