Fire cause investigation

A fire is always a tragedy for stakeholders. We ensure that every site is meticulously and systematically investigated. We assist authorities, insurance companies and private property proprietors in investigating even the most awkward of fires and the causes of these fires. We have special expertise in electrical fires.

Special expertise in electrical fires

According to the statistics system of Finnish rescue services (PRONTO) and a survey conducted by the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (TUKES) in 2015, electricity was the ignition energy for 49% of all building fires or fire risks. Identifying the causes of electrical fires and exclusion is part of our routine work. Certified inspector Juha Alhainen at SSEP Finland Ltd, investigates or, if necessary, consults the property owner with regard to electrical fires. Juha has 14 years of experience in the electricity sector and has received supplementary training in fire investigation from e.g. Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Juha is a member of Suomen Palontutkijat Ry [Finland Association of Fire Investigators] and the International Association of Arson Investigators® (IAAI®) and is himself an active trainer in the electricity sector.

Thorough fire cause investigation

investigating the cause of a fire is not guesswork, rather it requires strict routines, systematic actions and the right attitude. We always examine the entire building systematically, determine the source and cause of the fire, and we never leave an investigation unfinished. We are never satisfied with merely locating the cause of the fire, rather we invest in efforts with the client to investigate if there is some other indirect cause of ignition, that when rectified will prevent similar fires from occurring in the future. We use two independent and impartial laboratories to study the fire samples we have taken with a high level of precision. In addition, we use a wide range of different instruments to help us identify causes of electrical fires.

Purposeful fire prevention

The goal for fire cause investigation is to prevent future fires. In order to achieve this goal, the cause of ignition and other measures and actions leading to the fire must be thoroughly examined. Only by learning from our mistakes can we stop these events from recurring.

Fire investigation stages

Or fire investigations always include at least the following stages:

  • Site investigation
  • Interviewing persons
  • Examination of written evidence
  • Determining source and cause of the fire
  • Issuing a statement concerning responsibilities
  • Proposal for measures preventing recurrence of the event
  • Reporting

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SSEP Finland Ltd, special expert in the causes of electrical fires.