Needs analyses and project plans

Prior to engaging in construction or renovation projects, an analysis of needs conducted with a professional in the field is recommended. Electrical, telecommunications and building technical systems are essential and significant parts of buildings and grounds. Specifying the project planning level prior to commencing the actual project also assists in the making of cost estimates and saves overall expenses.

Needs analysis

Prior to engaging in a construction project, it is recommended to determine the effectiveness of space usage in the area and property, in addition to the need and purpose of premises to be constructed or renovated. Electrical systems should be taken into account already at this stage. Minor details and solutions can save on energy and procurements. These matters should be examined before setting the foundations and casting floors.

Project plan

Once the needs have been ascertained, it is easy to specify the actual goals of the project plan as well as the various functional and technical implementation possibilities based on these goals. When it is a question of renovation, we also specify the condition of the electrical systems on the property and expected service life. This can either be conducted in connection with the project plan or as a totally separate condition assessment of electrical systems. The project plan also takes a stand on restrictions and constraints set by authorities and regulations. The plan also presents a cost estimate for the project and the estimated schedule for implementation. Above all, the project plan is a tool for the contractor and property owner to implement the construction project successfully and cost-effectively. A good beginning makes a good ending.

Project initiation

The project plan is usually made after the contractor’s project decision. We can also provide assistance with project commencement and with arranging competitive bidding and selection of planners and subcontractors at a later stage. Our established contractual technical expertise ensures that the client’s preferences are heard and that we always foster the interests of our customers in completing a successful construction project. Our services also include the construction, installation supervision and design tasks for various electrical systems related to construction projects.

Eliminating unnecessary costs

When building and choosing the available systems according to needs, oversizing and undersizing is avoided. New energy-efficient solutions, alternative forms of energy and intelligent solutions, such as smart lighting, are solutions already in use today. Savings begin from making the right selections, which are choices that do not have to be made alone.


SSEP Finland Ltd compiles needs analyses and project plans for the electrical systems of properties.