Operation manager services

The possessor of an electrical installation must appoint an operation manager when the installation includes parts with a nominal voltage exceeding 1,000 V or the connection capacity of the equipment exceeds 1,600 kVA. The operation manager should not be merely a name on a piece of paper, rather an expert who is responsible for the safety of electrical installations and competent at assisting the owner with maintenance and servicing of electrical installations, and with future investments.

Content of operation manager services

Good operation manager practices include active involvement in the development and maintenance of the property’s electrical installations. SSEP Finland Ltd’s operation manager services also include a comprehensive annual safety inspection, following which the owner of the equipment is given a report on any identified deficiencies and proposals for improvements.

Wide-ranging expertise

SSEP Finland Ltd’s certified inspector Juha Alhainen is responsible for operation management and holds Electrical Qualification 1 for all electrical works as well as qualifications in conditions surveying and thermal imaging. Juha is a trained automation mechanic, electric automation engineer, and electrical power engineer, M.Sc. (Tech.).

Tasks of the operation manager

SSEP Finland Ltd provides expert and customer-friendly operation manager services. Using our services ensures you have safe and uninterrupted operation of your electrical equipment and maximises the reliability and usability of the equipment. SSEP Finland Ltd’s operation manager supervises that

  • The operation and servicing of electrical equipment adheres to the Electrical Safety Act, related provisions and regulations, and the persons conducted operative tasks shall be professionals with adequate competence in the task at hand.
  • The condition of electrical equipment is adequately supervised using, for instance, by conducting regular inspections in connection with servicing and maintenance. All identified deficiencies and faults are removed in sufficient time.
  • Persons independently performing operating tasks and comparable tasks for electrical equipment, and supervisory personnel have sufficient competence or otherwise sufficient professional skills and are fully instructed for handling the tasks.
  • A maintenance programme with set dates exists for maintaining the electrical safety of electrical equipment.
  • Use of the electrical equipment is safe and procedures are conducted on the equipment according to the service and maintenance programme. A logbook is kept of the tasks performed in accordance with the programme.
  • Regular mandatory inspections are conducted on the electrical equipment. Potentially identified deficiencies entered in the logbook will be fixed.
  • Mandatory commissioning and certification inspections have been conducted for tasks related to additions, modifications and extensions. The inspection logbooks are handed over to the owner and the identified deficiencies have been fixed.
  • Mandatory notifications are done on behalf of the owner.
  • Equipment, drawings, charts and instructions required for the use and upkeep of electrical equipment are available and up to date. The premises required for conducting the tasks are available.

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