Certification and regular inspections

In order to ensure electrical safety, certification inspection must be conducted on electrical installations of categories 1, 2 and 3. Inspections must also be conducted on more extensive alterations to installations – with the exception of minor installation sites that do not require a commissioning inspection record.

In practice, all housing larger than a semi-detached house, or other properties with overcurrent protection devices in excess of 35 amperes. Electrical installations for so-called special premises that require special expertise include spaces subject to the risk of explosion, medical spaces, and high-voltage equipment. In addition to certification inspections, regular inspections every five or ten years shall be conducted, with the exception of housing buildings.

Legal obligations

Finland’s Electrical Safety Act stipulates certification and periodic inspections. The electrical contractor commissioned to do the electrical installations is often the organisation that orders the certification inspection. The body organising regular inspections, however, is normally the owner of the electrical equipment, often responsible for the property itself and its maintenance, who orders regular inspections. Please make sure you commission the inspections, thereby adhering to your legal obligations.

Benefits of certification and regular inspection

Conducting inspections of electrical installations enhances the level of electrical safety. The contractor is responsible for the installations it installs. The task of the mandatory inspection carried out by SSEP Finland Ltd is to ensure that electrical installations adhere to legal provisions and regulations for electrical installations, set out to find electrical installations that compromise electrical safety, and to assist the installers and owners of electrical installations in achieving enhanced electrical safety. At best, inspections can help prevent electrical accidents or fatalities, electrical fires, and the breakdown of equipment leading to an interruption in operation. One electricity-related accident is one accident too many.

Quality control and operating principles

SSEP Finland Ltd conducts certification and regular inspections for all electrical installations of categories 1, 2 and 3, and for high-voltage installations. We comprehensively report the identified defects, including photographs, thereby making it easy to fix the defects, while also meeting legal requirements. Our activities are based on the quality instructions audited by Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (TUKES).

Contractors, local councils, industry and electricity network companies have entrusted SSEP Finland Ltd with conducting certification and regular inspections.

SSEP Finland Ltd, certifications and regular inspections, also for high-voltage systems!