Thermal imagery

Thermal imagery of electrical installations has provided significant advantages in assisting with the prevention of premature breakdown and electrical fires.

Thermal imagery of electrical equipment

Conducted on a regular basis, thermal imagery helps find any potential problems in good time, before these cause more serious detrimental impacts or interruptions in production.

The thermal imagery of electrical installations can be combined with certification and regular inspections, or the condition assessments for electrical installations.

Maintaining electrical equipment is a legal obligation

The Electrical Safety Act obligates the property owner to maintain the safety of electrical installations and to remove all noticed defects and interferences, before these cause a risk to life and health for the users of the equipment. Using proper and proactive measures for the safety of equipment, for instance using thermal imagery, the property owner is also meeting its legal requirements.

Benefits of thermal imagery 

Conducting thermal imagery of electrical installations enhances the level of electrical safety. The electrical contractor is responsible for the installations they do, and correspondingly the property owner is responsible for the maintenance of the equipment. At best, thermal imagery can help prevent electrical accidents or fatalities, electrical fires, and the breakdown of equipment leading to an interruption in operation. One electricity-related accident is one accident too many.

Comprehensive reporting 

SSEP Finland Ltd conducts thermal imagery on all categories of electrical installations, including high-voltage installations. We comprehensively report the identified defects, including thermal images and regular photographs, thereby making it easy to fix the defects, while also meeting legal requirements.

Our activities are based on quality instructions audited by Henkilöarviointi Seti Ltd.

Contractors, local councils, industry and electricity network companies have entrusted SSEP Finland Ltd with conducting thermal imagery surveys.

SSEP Finland Ltd, professionals in thermal imagery!